11 Jun

Maze feat Frankie Beverly – Twighlight





Now, this one really takes me back to my youth.

I was DJ'ing the other night, and hanging in the booth after my set I was jawing with a couple of the other DJ's when we got talking about classic 80's proto house type grooves. About two minutes later the guy playing at the time threw on a fantastic edit of Twighlight by Maze, and the place exploded.

It says a lot for the endearing qualities of such a seminal track when all evening people had been dancing to modern disco house, re-edits, classic James Brown, Talking heads and whatever and then when that unmistakable bass line crept in it got the biggest reception of the evening. I honestly don't think there was a single person who's head wasn't at least nodding in time to the music.

The track came out back in 1985, as a B side to I want to Feel Wanted but went on to be the preferred track for discerning music lovers. Yeah it's not as famous as some of their other tracks, Joy & Pain and Before I let go for example but whilst they have been elevated into cheesy Nick Love movie scene music status, Twighlight has remained a dance floor bomb that ticks away in your DJ box till the moment is right to unleash it.

The thing I really like about this track is how far ahead of deep house and acid house etc… it was in bringing that almost hypnotic rhythm to the dance floor.

But I'm probably not saying anything new here so I'll let the track do it's own talking, I opted for the original over he re-edit as it's more in keeping with the discussion we were having so check i out it's a belter… and readily available on a lot of compilations


Playlist Monday 11th June 2012

It's been a long weekend, with a lot of loud music and a lot of traveling, so after about two tracks I decided to let my ears rest and opted to post Twighlight as the most outstanding track I heard over the weekend.


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