12 Oct

Mayten – Hive

Ooooh its been a while…usual stuff blah blah blah and as often is the case i have been meaning to put this track up for some time.


We have featured Mayten, the electronic music produce from Seattle, before – the fantastic Detours. What i love about that track was that while it was an electronic, it had a beautiful almost organic sound, additionally it really took you on a journey, through genres (techno, deep house, house) putting more ideas into one track then some put into a whole EP. And his new release Hive is more of the same.


For me a little bit deeper, that lovely organic feel is still there and once again, across the tracks 5 minutes (I know its an almost cliched term) but it really does take you on a journey as the electronic melodies build and intensify (but without overpowering) and then the then the track become a little more 4/4 and then it drops and builds once again. This is beautifully crafted music, with real care. If you follow Mayten on facebook he often post clips of tracks he’s working on and how he goes about his business and you can see why his stuff sounds as beautiful and intelligent as it does. Great Stuff

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