11 Apr

Mayten – Detours

Its late, i am pretty knackered, but i really wanted to put something up and i really wanted to share this absolutely lovely piece of deep house.


The term "tracks taking you on a journey" is thrown about quite a lot, but tonight's track really does. This is the first i have heard of Mayten's stuff – a Seattle based electronic music producer. He released an album last Autumn and this is his latest single. It starts off as a really lovely piece of deep, melodic house and then drops down into a slightly harder almost techno sound before bringing that beautiful melody back in to play. There is real care being applied here, the whole thing sits together beautifully and is really well put together. Percussion subtly comes in and out, melodies flow from one to another with ease…but it all just works really well.


Fantastic stuff and i look forward to more of the same.

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