05 Nov Field Records

Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix – Clip)

Going to go back a bit with a lush slice of deep soulful electronica:

Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix – Clip)

London based Cooper has been releasing music for a while, covering the deep electronic and techy end of the music spectrum he's well known and really we don't need to focus on him, as today is all about the remix by Rodriguez Jr.

Rodriguez Jr. is an alias for super duper French producer (hey, that rhymes) Oliver Mateu, one part of the super production team The Youngsters. He's pretty well known for delivering a vastly eclectic range of productions and remixes and on this occasion he takes Max Coopers dark and brooding techy original and turns it into a slowly pounding lush shuffling deep house monster.

The Soft Rhodes chords, the light skippy drums, the glitchy and filtered vocal hook and electric keys counter melody all combine to take you on a laid back reverb and delay drenched journey to the sun filled skies of the South of France.

It came out a while ago on the fantastic Fields records and it's well worth tracking down, the EP also contains a fantastic remix of Woven Ancestry by Lusine.

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