06 Jun

Matt Miller – Want You Need You

A couple of early starts means I’ve been on the train on my own for most of my journeys this week. It's relaxing to say the least and my listening has been reasonably simple and chilled.

I got up with a bit of a fuzzy head and I didn't want anything to challenging so opted for a simple down tempo house playlist – hold on, hold on… for me that's a lot of 80's tinged disco and soul flecked house, and about half way through I stumbled upon this absolute gem that i'd almost forgotten about:

Matt Miller – Want You Need You

I've mentioned  a few times that growing up my friends and I were very much into a lot of different music, Hip hop was breaking through, and to be honest pop music didn't really carry the sugar sweet bad rep it does now. Soul was also a big part of the music we listened. Especially the mid 80's Jam and Lewis synth heavy slow R'N'B sound and artists like Alexander O'Neil and SOS band were absolute must haves in your collection.

So, with that in mind you'll, understand why todays choice sits so neatly in my playlist.

It's very simple, those big DX7 filtered chords, the snappy Linn drum beats, and the FM counter melodies all hark back to a time when Waffles were something you wore on your feet, and Farahs were de-rigour.

It's a great little track, and part of the bigger Juicy compilation Sunrise Blend Vol2. Juicy is a French label based in one of my favourite cities, Lyon. Their output is Electronic but sits well in the deep slow mo 80's house and deep soulful sounds that have been very prominent in a lot of DJ sets over the last couple of years. The compilation is in fact from 2012, so it's clearly got some legs i it.

You can pick it up on bandcamp, for not much, and with 25 tracks on it…. well you'll have plenty to listen to for  awhile.

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