11 Sep

Mateo & Matos – Keep On Dancin’ (Kevin’s DJ Groove)

It's been a really busy week so far, and I've had almost no time to do anything, hence this is the first post of the week, and i'm afraid it's going to be a really quick one.

Every now and then I rip a chunk of my record collection and upload them to youtube, load up my Nexus4 and listen to the stuff I've just ripped, this is one of those weeks. I’ve been mainly working back through my collection of old Glasgow Underground stuff, the label run by Andy Carrick and Kevin McKay. the label took a bit of a hiatus but relaunched in 2011 but I’ve always had a really soft spot for the material they released and it was pretty much a buy without listening label for me all through the 90’s.

Anyway, listening back i was struck by the following track and decided to blog it today:

Mateo & Matos – Keep On Dancin' (Kevin's DJ Groove)

It's a track i always liked but listening back it surprised me how well it stood up against a lot of the current disco edits/cut ups, even if it is a bit faster than the norm today.

It's basically a chopped and looped cut up of "Bobby Womack – I feel a Groove Coming On", which if you don't know it is a belter of a tune. The tracks pretty obvious, a simple loop of the main part of the track and then Womack’s chants and calls chopped over the top run up and down through various filters and with a heavy tribal deep house beat behind it…… ah, well basically it works.

Mateo & Matos the New York duo did the original cut up, but it really kicks into gear with this re-work by Glasgow Undergrounds very own McKay who tweaks the structure and the filters and makes it  abit more trancey and deep.

I've played it in sets recently, all be it slowed down and it still tore the place up… it's  great track, so enjoy it:

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