09 Jun

Mary Lattimore – Wawa By The Ocean

My journey to work this morning was a bit crazy and was taken up, musically, by my son demanding to listen to Green Day. I like a bit of Green Day, so no problem, but they are not going up on the blog tonight. To be fair, I knew exactly what I was going to put up tonight as it is a piece of music that has quite honestly blown me away.


Wawa By The Ocean by Mary Lattimore.


Mary Lattimore is a Harpist from Philladelphia and her album from March 2016, on Ghostly International (At The Dam) got past me. So today's track is the first thing I have heard of hers and my lord it is amazing. It is a truly, truly, beautiful piece of music that evolves over 10 minutes, her harp chords taking on electronic flourishes and subtle soundscapes that build and build and then slowly seep away. I came across it on Soundcloud, in amongst the usually more banging stuff that finds its way onto my list to listen to, but from the opening chords I was hooked.


Honestly, nothing I say can really sum up how good this is. Stick on your headphones, turn it up and just let it take you over. Life can only be better for music like this.

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