11 Jan

Marvin Gaye – Time to get it Together






There’s nothing to say about Marvin Gaye that hasn’t been said before, he’s probably my favourite artist of all time. An incredibly talented singer, with a full vocal range, and a multi-instrumentalist – he started out as a drummer – who revolutionised the art of laying down vocals with his adoption of the “punch in-out” technique on “What’s going On”.

His work tailed off towards the end becoming a bit of a pastiche of himself, but certainly the 70’s self produced work is some of the strongest American soul music ever committed to record, and I can literally listen to his music for days.

Time” is from his ‘78 album the vastly underrated “Here, my Dear”. A bitter love letter to his soon to be ex-wife Anna Gordy. Gaye deliberately set out to write a bad, lazy album, as an alimony settlement agreement  in which he was to give Anna half the royalties from the album’s release – hence the vitriol in a lot of the lyrics. But in amongst all the hatred are some incredibly moving moments of unadulterated soul and funk, “A funky space Reincarnation” is the obvious choice and most recognisable track from the album but I always loved the groove of “Time” and “Anger”.

If you can, pick up the 2007 expanded edition, there is an extra disc of re-edits and mixes made from the master tapes. Some of them are truly outstanding.


Playlist Wednesday 11th January 2012

It’s pretty dark when I leave in the morning, so as I pop my headphones in for the walk to the Metro, I feel in the mood for some vocals to cut through the cold and damp. Flicking through my player I settle on a bit of “Marvin” to set me on my way.

Easy journey in today, seat the whole way, nice and chilled. Get off the Metro and it’s getting light and I think the player realises this. As I start the final walk it jumps randomly from Marvin Gaye to Tensnake, which I’m oddly in the mood for and I finish up by selecting Flowers & Sea Creatures – The Sitting Room again simply because it’s an amazing song and I can’t stop listening to it.

Playlist: Marvin Gaye – Anger, Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation, Marvin Gaye – Time, Marvin Gaye – I want you, Marvin Gaye – Keep Getting it on, Marvin Gaye – You can leave but it’s going to cost you, Marvin Gaye – Stay, Tensnake – Congolal (version), Flowers & Sea Creatures – the sitting room

*No playlist tomorrow day off. WOOT!

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