26 Nov Marvin

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Had a day off today, so taking a freebie. As is normal when i'm left to my own devices i tend to spend the day mooching doing nothing and listening to some of my favourite music and i always, without fail listen to some Marvin Gaye – and this is one of my favourite songs ever.

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

It's pretty pointless trying to get into explaining things you may or may not know about Marvin Gaye, or Inner City Blues, or even the “What's going on Album?”. What I'll say is it's probably the best album I've ever heard, the way everything is locked together by James Jamerson's bass playing and Marvin Gayes multi layered vocals.  

It was clearly a difficult album to make, not just because of the content but the technological advances Gaye used heavily int he production process – it's widely acknowledged that this was the first album with punch in vocal tracking and the heavy use of tape editing during and post production.

Anyway the results were, and remain stunning, and i make no apologies for featuring such a well known classic.


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