17 Jul

Marschmellows – Soulpower (Jazzanova’s Straight Dub Mix)

I'm afraid this will have to be a quick one today, as my week has been insanley busy to the degree i didn’t even get to post on Monday.

I've been delving into my past listening habits of late, and one track that kept jumping out was:

Marschmellows –  Soulpower (Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix)

I've long been a fan of Jazzanova, we've featured Sonar Kollektiv stuff on the blog, but i think this is the first time we've actually featured the main honchos themselves. I find Jazzanova a bit of an odd one though, on the one hand i've followed them for a long time and when they hit the spot they really hit the spot, but i also find that as a rule of thumb i tend to prefer their remix work than their actual own productions,  their remix of MJ Coles – Sincere is an utterly amazing version of  a two step garage classic that i just didn't care for, and this is another where i just can't see past their production. In fact i'm struggling to think if i've even heard the original, if i recall correctly it was a hip hop speed track with quite a sparse vocal and production….

There are a lot of different things in the this track i like, the beat is fantastic, especially the timing on the chorus but it's the way everything just locks together to make one of the most powerfully dance floor friendly nu-jazz soul standards i've heard. In many ways it very much reminds me of 80's uk soul, artists like Loose Ends and Imagination. The bass line, a percussive bass with a wet synth bass running a counter melody underneath it, carries the main groove whilst keys and pads and a super switch up on the chorus bring the melody… ahhhhh, it's just a magnificent bit of music.

I only know of it being on compilation albums, their Remix collection and one of the Jazz in the House collections but it's a track that when i was dj'ing a bit more regularly I would nearly always play it…it was a great bridge track from soul to house and house to funk…within the collective of DJ's  it was one of those tracks that when one of us found it everyone had to have it, I like to think it was my little find but the point is it just made your ears prick up and your head nod and feet shuffle.

Oddly enough it still does….

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