03 Dec

Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle – 1936

I realised today that I have been listening to Mark Kozelek’s work on and off for more then 20 years. From the amazing first Red House Painters album, through the covers of modest mouse and ac/dc and the country tinged Sun Kil Moon (the track Carry Me Ohio can still reduce me to tears).

While he has messed with slightly different sounds such as more flamenco guitars and a bit more country, his sound hasn’t fundamentally changed that much in all this time. Then, I finally got round to checking out his Perils Of The Sea album he released this year with Jimmy LaValle (another on my long list) and frankly it absolutely blew me away.

LaValle’s music and production, while electronic, is organic sounding and sits beautifully with Kozelek’s direct lyrics and delivery and really adds another dimension. The track I have gone for, 1936, is a great example – Downbeat, emotional, but  beautiful music and a set of blunt and vivid lyrics from Kozelek – “kids were fucking pricks, in 1936”.. what a track from an amazing album.

It was a beautiful accompaniment to my journey home tonight..

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