12 Feb

Mario & Vidis – Changed feat Ernesto

MarioVidisPressShotIt's always risky when artists you like work together. Normally it never quite works out how you expect, and I find tht 99% of the time it ends up being a huge dissapointment. Obviously the track I've chosen today is one of the other 1%.

Mario & Vidis – Changed feat Ernesto

I've been off work for a few days and, in Changed,I decided to dip into the hard drive and go with a track i've revisited a lot recently.

It won't be a revelation to many but Mario & Vidis is a partnership between the Lithunian DJ/Producers Mario Basanova and Vidmantas Cepkauskas,(the founder of Silence Music). I first stumbled across them via “I’ll be gone” which it has to be said is very similar in sound and feel to "Changed". As much as i loved "I'll be gone" the trump for me though is the vocals of Gothenburg based artist Ernesto, of whom I’ve long been a fan. In fact it was fourbearsjr who first introduced me to his work, and i was suitably pleased when i heard they had all worked together.

The track starts out very light with high hats and finger snaps, and the signature bass, awash in delay, that underpins the whole album is introduced very early and gives the track some real cohesion. The pace is then elevated when the full drum track and layered synths arrive. Ernesto's vocals are as always soulful, gentle and emotive, and really compliment the production work of Mario & Vidis, and I love the levels of detail in the track. For example, much like Ernesto's vocals, lot's of little things sound wrong. Not wrong in a bad sense but wrong in a captivating sense, detuned stabs and breaking vocals sit together in the track oh so well. 

It's unsurprsingly a very Melancholic track.

It orginally came out on the dazzling Mario & Vidis album of the same name back in 2010 on the Silence Music label. The track got re-issued as a 12" on the equally great Future Classic label and got the full remix treatment from artists such as john Talabot and Soul Clap – infact it's one of the few Soul Clap remixes i like – and is worth tracking down. But as ever it's the original version that I am completely besotted with.


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