24 Feb

Mario Basanov & Vidis – I’ll Be Gone feat Jazzu

Monday morning never seems to get any easier, and as i waited for my (delayed) train i decided that i wasn't going to let the p*ssing rain and freezing cold dampen my spirits and cued up a playlist i'd knocked together over the weekend from tracks i've been slowly ripping and youtubing. 

I guess for most people who follow the blog it's reasonably obvious that I like my music to be quite melodic and soulful, and today’s choice, by way of my time machine style playlist really is a tick in all those boxes.

Mario Basanov & Vidis – I'll Be Gone feat Jazzu

I've featured Mario Basanov & Vidis before, a couple of times I think, but i'm really surprised i've never featured this track before, as it's literally my favourite track by them and the track that introduced them to me.

The track is built around a very light and drifting arp line, and jazzus vocals are soulful and emotive in a very melancholy way. The real trump card in the track though is the switch up around 3:05 when it changes from a mellow ambient-esq track to an absolutely stomping deep house dancefloor smasher. About the only bad mark about the track is the second half doens't last long enough – a mere 2 minutes.

But it leaves you wanting more.

It's quite an old track, 2009, but it still sound as fresh as the day i first bought it, and always always gets a re-wind.

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