31 Aug

Marco Polo – Nostalgia feat Masta Ace

Bit of a self indulgent post as yesterday my vinyl collection was finally unpacked and I happily sorted through finding many a track i'd almost forgotten I'd bought. After a couple of hours of reliving my past I decided I HAD to dig into some hip hop and settled on this classic by Marco Polo – Nostalgia feat Masta Ace.


There are two things that are key in this track, the first is Polo's insanely brilliant Golden Era style beat and cuts, and the other is Masta Aces classic era style verse and delivery. Hip Hop that constantly references Golden era hip hop is a dangerous thing, it can be tiring to hear people constantly talk about how great it was back in the day, but it's important to take things as a stand alone rather than a movement and in isolation it simply boils down to one thing, is it a great track or not?


Aaaaand that's about it, it is what it is, a lovely soulful style chopped sample hip hop track with one of the most natural MC's flowing over the top. The track cam out on Polo's much loved Port Authority, and while it's still possible to find it on vinyl it's available on most digital outlets. Enjoy!



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