27 Apr MBS

Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

Whew! it’s been a busy weekend, with lots going on and little time to listen to music, but this morning i was up before everyone else and i decided to quickly load up my Nexus with a nice chilled selection to listen to. Chilled, such an odd word in the context of music, conjures such horrible images of tie dyed clothes and sandals, but much like Balearic it’s more about how it makes you feel rather than a genre and today’s choice falls into both Chilled and Balearic:

Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

As readers know i’m a fan of the slow mo nu-disco sound, anything with a big fat ostinato bass line and a Spanish sounding guitar awash in reverb tends to do it for me and Non Reciprocal ticks all those boxes. It’s a track that delivers an image of sun kissed pool side parties and washed out sunsets on a sandy Mediterranean Island, form the moment the arppegiated guitar chord starts the track is straight into where it goes, gradually building with the introduction of the drums and main guitar licks, the lead synth counters everything perfectly with a melody and then around the 3:15 mark it all breaks down before heading off into a slightly darker morose melodic turn.

I have a thing for tracks that just plod happily along sucking you into their warm embrace. I guess some people think it’s boring but i just like that a tracks groove can wrap you up and never let go until it’s all too late, and Non Reciprocal is certainly one of those tracks – simple, mesmeric disco house.

Funnily I don’t know much about Marbeya Sound, I only knew one other track ( Origin of the Eagle) before going having a look off the back of this post. Originating from Mexico City they have had  a few things out on labels such as Fourplanes, and Cosmic Balearic Beats. The track is quite old, around 2010 if i recall right, but it’s never far from my playlists,  got that great slow mo vibe about it, also i's worth tracking down the Ilya Santana and the Rayko remixes of Non Reciprocal (below) which don't deviate far from the original, but just enough to make it worth having them all.

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