20 Aug

Manolo – Night Rhythm

Bit of a risky one this, as you'll either get it or you wont and either love it or hate it, but every now and then you need a bit of cheese in your life, and this is certainly a monumental slice of cheddar.

Manolo – Night Rhythm

So back in the 90's there was a pretty awful track in pretty much every white shirt and socked wine bar you walked into. "Corona – Rhythm of the Night". It was frankly horrible, but it was much loved by the masses. Charting high and staying there it was like a nightmare come true. I’m not going to dress it up I couldn't stand it. But…. it was a good time for me and fond memories and the track, despite being pretty dire in my opinion, holds some certainly fond memories.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and Helsinki based producer Roberto Rodriguez, under his Manolo identity, took the acapella of the original, pitched it down and turned it into an absolute stomping piece of festival smashing nu-disco. I guess it's maybe the sentimental value of the vocal, pretty much everyone knows it, and everyone knows it as awful as it was then, but with the walking FM bassline and the huge M1 piano riff, awash in reversed reverb, below it it just works so well. Personally i just love how the Piano comes in and the way the track just builds and builds to a crescendo.

But yes, it is truly cheesy, and if i’m honest when i first heard it i didn’t quite know what to think, i loved the happy backing track but struggled to get past the vocal, and even now there are times i think. “hmmmmmmm!!” and then other times i can’t get enough of it, but i think we cover a lot of different styles of music and i’m secretly quite pleased to have plonked this up before fourbearsjr.

There is a great little video on Youtube of Rodrigues dj'ing at the flow festival, and he drops this. The crowd don't really know what it is, and the bassline is in, the guitar is in and people are smiling and there hands are in the air and then the vocal starts and everyone is grinning not quite knowing what to make of it, then about 4 minutes in the breakdown starts and everyone stops waiting for the drop and when it happens the place explodes, 500 people hands in the air all intime. It's a lovely little video, shot by a punter by the looks of it.

The footage is on the soundcloud page so do check it out, and enjoy the track – if the vocal version is not for you i suggest you track down and listen to the instrumental version it's a truly lovely piece of 90's tinged disco house. Do check out his other work as well, as even though i've posted this one today he's been one of my favourite producers of deep house for the last couple of years.

It’s an old track been around for a good year or so at least, but you can still find it on beatport and juno etc.. on the brilliant dikso label


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