15 Aug

Mandingo – Black Rite

Today’s track is HUGE! Its not even up for debate it just is.

Today’s commute was me and my son on the train to work – fun but no chance to listen to music. But as the rest of my day was pretty crazy it is going to be a short but one of my favourite funk tracks.

I used to close many dj sets with Mandingo’s Black Rite and it never ceases to blow my mind. It just builds and builds and just when you think they can’t up the ante they go to 11 and beyond. The start is huge with a massive tribal beat, epic wah guitar and horns. Next thing you know there is a huge drum,break down that sounds like a small army giving it some on a few hundred drum kits. Then it really kicks off, the wah infused guitar comes storming in and at this point, if you are on the dance floor, you are slinging out huge kicks…but we’re not done, the horns come in like a 70’s cop film and then EVEN MORE horns….and then, guess what EVEN MORE HORNS..like it is the end of the world.

I have always said that when i go, i want this played at my funeral and for everyone to conga out to it. What a track.

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