29 Jan

MAM – Crushed Ice

My journey to walk is currently about 10 minutes drive, via school, so I don't really get much time to listen to music on the way into work, but hey ho, such is life. it just means that I have to use my spare time more wisely and make the most of it. Luckily we're a house that nearly always has some kind of music on, be it the Radio or my Son's youtube playlist which is actually not that bad for a seven-year-old boy (he likes pop). I was pretty awestruck the other day when while I was flicking through my hard-drive he asked me to play that MAM track again then I realised he'd figured out how to work shazam and had my phone hidden behind him. 😀


Either way, I did indeed play it again (it would have been rude not to) and was once again struck by how utterly bloody awesome it is.


We make no bones around here about loving a bit of French style house, and this is about as French Touch as it gets, a wonderful fingered bass sound supporting the disco licks all over it. It's nigh on perfect, about as excellent an 80's boogie track as you'll find. IT could be Fred Falke or Alan Braxe, it could be Discovery-era Daft Punk and in reality, it doesn't matter if it sounds like other French touch tracks because it's still a bloody brilliant mid-tempo slice of soulful dance floor friendly house.


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what we've have and haven't blogged and I was genuinely shocked that neither fourbearsjr or myself hadn't posted this in the 6 (yes we've just turned 6 years old) years we've been running the blog. So I am. /the end.


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