28 Nov

Main Source – Looking At The Front Door

Wednesdays seem to be getting busier by the week so this is going to be a very quick one. As you know i've been ripping my old vinyl and uploading to youtube for anyone who wants to listen, the upshot of which is i've been listening to a lot of my older stuff and today’s choice is one of them:

Main Source – Looking at the Front Door

Main Source, for those who may not know, are one of those legendary hip hop groups that everyone knows at least one track by them. I guess the fact the dropped a great album then split before the second album (they reformed with a different rapper) lends itself to the legend and mystery.

The group was made up of two Toronto based DJ's, Sir Scratch and K-cut and New York based producer/rapper Large Professor – who frankly went on to become a legend in his own right. And though they spit they reformed with Mikey D and went on to drop “F*ck what ya think” which itself was a pretty decent album. Large Pro as i mentioned became renowned as a producer and guest rapper… and also did a pretty decent solo album.

Anyway, the first album is rightly seen as an all time classic, great samples and scratching, conscious lyrics and superb rapping from Large Pro, it features one of my favourite hip hop tracks in the Donald Byrd – Think Twice sampling track of today. 


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