04 Sep

Madslo – Burn

Drums! Drums! Drums! For me, today's choice is very much about the Drums.

Madslo – Burn 

As someone who dabbles in music production I always listen keenly to other peoples production work, especially their drums and blimey does Burnt have some drums, in fact it's got big drums. Big prog rock drums. Big in the drummers leaving the stage at the end of the gig hands bleeding sense. Big in the John Bonham in the next room sense. They are HUGE, and the skins are hit HARD.

It's not just the sound though, it's the style of playing/programming, the fills, the velocity they are hit at, the fact that unlike so much other beat scene music the solo-ish parts don't break the groove or take over. Nope, it's deffo not just some drum along wankathon at all. Yes, it's certainly centered around the drums and their prominence in driving everything along, but it's a very complete piece of production. 

Dark brooding melodies straight from a 70's sci-fi film envelop the drums and give the air of menace you'd associate with a classic black sci-fi and horror soundtracks. Think sci-fi films like Phase IV, Prince of Darkness, Rosemary's Baby – and that's the kind of smothering fearful atmosphere Burnt instills in me, and I think it's wonderful for that.

It's honestly been a long long time since I heard just a wonderful bit of beat driven music, and i've listened to a lot but although they delivered moments none of them really held my attention like Burnt. I guess that's in someways down to the fact it's a lot like a mix/beat tape. Constantly changing, not really definable tracks, and that works so so well when you consider the fact it's been released on C-50 cassette (don't worry you get a down load if you buy it). I ordered one because it really is just a perfect format for such a piece of music, 30 minutes on both sides: Burnt on one and MIA on another – with MIA being a lot more Droney and less rhythm driven it's Burnt that captures the attention first.

Anyway it's out on Kobra Audio Labs label, whom we've featured a couple of times. You can get it on their Bandcamp page, with the physical release due to ship around the 8th (but buy it now on pre-order and you get the download straight away), or on digital release on the 7th. You can listen to it and see what you think, and you should also check out Madslo's Soundcloud . i think it’s nice to see someone doing something different in both a product and musical sense.


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