03 May

Mad Professor vs Marvin Gaye – Video

mad+professor+madprofessorI had a few days off this week, with it being a bank holiday in France and what not, and the family decided to head off to the Netherlands and catch the last Queens day, meaning in the scheme of things i haven't really had a journey to pick a track from, so i'm going to really break from the norm here and post a video i stumbled over whilst lounging around in the sun (hey. my house, my rules):

Mad Professor remixing Marvin Gayes "Whats going on?" live.

It's a video I'd never seen until this week, and i've got to say i'm completely blown away by it. 

Essentially it's the legendary Mad Professor dubbing "What's going on?" on San Diegos FM 94/9 alternative music station. He's using a 24 track ADAT, an Alesis 24 track mixer and a delay/FX unit and a Roland sampler. The concept is simple, take 24 tracks and use the faders and effects to drop them in and out live as the mood takes you – it's a simple concept but really hard to do well, even harder to do well live..

I have a real obsession with dub effects, it's not like i'm massively into dub music or reggae but the use of effects to re-dub something i find fascinating, and something i've dabbled in a lot within my own production. Past that though Marvin Gaye is probably my all time artist, and while "What's going on?" isn't my favourite track by him it's up there and not one i've heard many people tackle and not destroy. This is definitely one of those moments where all the ticks are in the plus column. Enjoy, and check out the Bob Marley re-dub whilst you’re there.

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