05 Mar

Luther Vandross – Are You Using Me (Masters At Work Remix)

It has been one hell of a week. A child who won’t sleep, working most nights. It’s only Thursday and I (plus my household generally) am wiped out. So I am going for a freebie to cheer myself up and I am sticking up one of my favourite vocal house tracks of all time..

Masters At Work’s remix of Luther Vandross’ Are You Using Me.

Aapie has this on 12″ and I used to steal it all the time to play out. It’s immense, obviously the vocal is brilliant, but so is everything else. Ah, I could try and break it down but at the end of the day it’s Luther Vandross and Masters at Work.. How can you go wrong?
But if there is a bit worth mentioning its just past the breakdown at 3 minutes when the backing vocals come in. Oh it’s good.

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