11 Oct

Lust For Youth – Illume

So it's a really quick one from me tonight as I am pretty knackered what with work and a poorly child. But it's a track I've been listening to quite a bit since I stuck it on a Spotify playlist to remind me to check out their new album from 2016.


Im sure many will be familiar with Lust for Youth and their Scandinavian, chillwave, electro pop. For some reason this track has always stuck with me (it came out back in 2014). It's a lovely Balearic, electronic indie pop track with more than a hint of new order (I'm thinking technique era). Which is no bad thing. It's got that kind of synth riff that gets stuck in your brain just like NO we're capable of. Anyway, it's a lovely, summer tune which, as it's still warm here, fits perfectly

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