Lusine – Arterial

Think this might be a first for us, in that we're featuring a track twice (albeit in a different mix) in:

Lusine – Arterial

As we've both mentioned before we're big fans of the label Ghostly International but Lusine has always been one of my favourite artists for them. Fourbears featured the Moors remix back in December but, disillusioned with a lot of current dance & electric music I've been hearing, I've recently been going back through a lot of the Electronica I have and when this popped up I decided what the hell and decided to feature the original version as it's my favourite off the EP (both Arterial and the reworks EP).

The thing with Electronica is, for me at least, it has to be melodic and that's what i love about Arterial, from the tuned 808 kicks, to the pitched drums and looped strings and off time bleeps and bloops (don't know how else to describe them). It switches up about mid way through the track with a big arpeggiated synth riff but the the real damage is done in the opening 2 minutes when the track just swallows you up and lets you drift along awash in it's lush textures and crunchy beats.

Lusine has released a lot of material and it's very much checking as much of it out as possible, he's certainly very consistent in his music which is something you don't find that often in this day and age. I prefer the original Arterial EP to the remixes, purely because i really love the uptempo Fonk of Eyes give in, and the tribal electronica of Quiet Day, either way it's a great EP.

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