22 Jan

Lusine – Another Tomorrow


Today was one of those days without a commute (so to speak) so I am going to stick up a track of choice. The track is ‘Another Tomorrow’ by Lusine on the always brilliant Ghostly International label that Aapie and I have mentioned a lot.

Now, to most, Jeff McIlwain who is Lusine won’t not need an introduction so I am not going to go into all that (but if you don’t know you can check out more at Ghostly’s site http://ghostly.com/artists/lusine). I am a big fan of his work – I have quite a bit of his stuff and it is always fantastic. I would say that A Certain Distance is one of my favourite ever electronic/dance albums. He is one of the few artists I can honestly say that I can not think of a duff track that he has done.

‘Another Tomorrow’ is the first track from his new album The Waiting Room. You can tell it is Lusine at work straight away as it opens with a synth bass sound that is all his own and like many of his tracks (like the amazing Two Dots) he weaves beautiful vocals into the tracks. The more you listen to the track the more it gets in your brain and the more gorgeous it sounds. As per usual from McIlwain and Ghostly it is such quality stuff.

If you don’t know his stuff I really can not recommend it highly enough so please check it out and if you like the track go on and buy it :-).

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