14 Dec

Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha

Yesterday I was reading that Lupe Fiasco is going to retire from music due to some grief he got for making anti-Semitic  remarks on one of his tracks. Can't say I know much about the context. Whatever the case, it made me think back to todays track.


Before I left for work this morning I downloaded I gotcha and then played it pretty much full blast all the way to work. It still sounds awesome thanks to The Neptunes production and that piano loop can stick in your head for days. I found myself singing it badly in the office countless times today, probably to the horror of my colleagues. But the other great thing about this track, obviously, is his flow. The thing I like about it is that many of his reference points are quite different "Banksy's attack helicopter with a bow tie" being one of them and the fact that he is kind of poking fun at some of the standard Mc posturing. It adds up to an awesome clash of old and new school styles that just works brilliantly. If he does quit, at least he left us gems like this.

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