15 Jan

Lukid – Fela

Been really digging in the crates of late and stumbled back upon this killer cut up by Lukid of Fela Kuti (I can't place the sample right now) and decided to post it.


Despite how great it sounds there isn't anything particularly clever about this cut up, it's a pretty simple chop up and in reality, it's purely and simply a DJ track. But, contrasting with that the track starts out with a frenetic pace and energy that never lets up despite the fact it's one of those tracks that jumps straight into an all-out groove and never veers far from that path!


So why am i posting it? Because it’s pretty much a perfect example of how an idea trumps execution and there is a lot to be said for that in modern music.


Anyway, a very short and quick post from me tonight as I'm hanging from a stinking cold…but enjoy!


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