03 Jul

ltj xperience – Sunlight Mix

I've been a little pre-occupied with other things of late, and music hasn't been high on my list of priorities, but I got a nudge in the right direction yesterday when I stumbled accross the Rolling Stone Magazines top 20 mixes of 2013 so far and smack bang in the middle of the usual suspects was a mix by Italys ltj xperience. A mix I'd had sat on my harddrive for a good month and had never got around to listening to.

ltj xperience  – Sunlight Mix

It's essentially an hours long mix of sunkissed mid-tempo deep disco tinged house and edits. Lot's of recognisable stuff in there and the mix is about smooth as it gets, you won't notice the tracks go by, it's basically an hour long solid locked groove, but it's the type of mix you put on listen to and then just listen to again. In fact it's the type of mix that you put on the car stereo and leave it there for about a year as it's such a pleasant listen each time.

Lot's of Vocal based tracks, lot's of mellow acid baselines, and a simply love and well thought out selection process.

It’s a free download, so i suggest you grab it asap and enjoy,

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