06 May

Lovers & Poets – That’s The Way It Goes

The Sun is out in Paris, and when I say it's out, it's blisteringly hot, so it's pertinent that today’s choice is taken from a wonderfully summery vibe laden album Lovers & Poets II album by the group of the same name.


Lovers & Poets are Shannon and Ben Hurley, a singer songwriting duo from LA, tasting success in various other outfits this is one of their many projects focusing on slow melodic chilled out pop, it's really lovely stuff, and the 10 track album is chock full of beautiful chilled songs and instrumental tracks.


I decided to go for "That's the way it goes" as it's the most obviously accessible, a song about heart break and hope, "That's the Way it goes" starts out with a lovely M1 Style Piano hook and Tempo, that instantly makes you think classic St Etienne, but it holds it's own, and the production while polished remains natural and light touch allowing the songs vocals to lead, and the melodic nature to sneak up on you with a mesmeric chorus.


It's the kind of tune that even if you don't click with it first time out, you'll find yourself humming it 30 minutes later, and throughout the weekend.


As I said the whole album is nice, but if you have the time do dig into their soundcloud it's full of other gems not least a cracking cover of Nick Lowe's – "Cruel to be Kind" which is an absolutely sterling take on one of my favourite songs of all time




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