29 Jul

Loverbirds – Running Backwards

What a weekend, and not in a fun way. Terrible storms damaged a lot in my area, including my car and a ton of other things. So it has been a long and weary slog all weekend only to be greeted with the joy or going back to work on a Monday morning…urrrgggghhh!

So I needed some gentle and pleasant music on my ride in, so I loaded up some mellow midtempo house and soul funk etc… stuff like Gwen MacRae, Soul II Soul but to be fair it was difficult for me to get past this incredible bad boy:

Loverbirds – Running Backwards

From the opening Miami Vice style drums this track is just mesmerising, the slow build up of the Rhodes piano chords, and the arpeggiated synth just bring an incredibly blissed out dreamlike quality to the track only for the delayed guitar and huge chopped up Slap Bass line to just carry you away on a drifting boat. There are parts that remind me of E2E4 and many other Balearic tracks

It's about lounge and poolside bar as you can get, which is fine in my books. It's been out a couple fo years, on the Honeybadger EP on Teardrop recordings and is still available all over the shop… It's long been a big track for me, played either in a DJ set or just for listening so i hope you enjoy.

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