25 Feb

Lovebirds – Melbourne Deepcast Guest Mix

lovebirdsA very very lazy post from me today, as i've spent the last few days in bed feeling like death warmed up (sometimes weekends just don't deliver, eh?) i'm going to let someone else do the hardwork and point you in the direction of a guest mix i grabbed from another blog.

So as i had no journey to work today i spent most of the day listening to the new Melbourne Deepcast Pdocast from Lovebirds which dropped this morning (well my morning at least).

I've been a fan of Sebastien Doering's Lovebirds for a long time, from the Modern Stalking EP back in 2007 if i recall right, and this si the first time i've heard a dj mix by him, and it's a cracker. It's not deep house but a really eclectic mix of dance music steeped in soul and boogie, lots of melody lots of basslines plenty of vocals and mixed brilliantly, it's a really relaxing and enjoyable hour of your time.

There is no tracklist, but don't let that put you off it's a lovely listen and people are slowly putting the tracklist together in the comments.

so grab it while you can, it’s by far my favourite MDC in a while.

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