28 Oct

Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

Up early again today, so kept it simple on the train and opted to go for an 80's tinged housey playlist, the pick of which was this lovely rework of Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y. (Beautiful World)".

Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

Pretty much everyone with even a passing semblance for good taste knows the original so i won't waste any time talking about it, but instead focus on the Loverbirds re-edit on Brooklyn's Razor-N-Tape records.

Taking Fagen's sublime classic, Sebastian Doring weaves it into a midtempo early evening drifting house track, with small loops form the track and the vocal echoed and filtered up it just plods (in a good way). The bulk of the track is built around the opening Rhodes of I.G.Y and the opening bars of the main groove. The thing is though Doring has taken the track layered a simple analog synth melody, some pads and a lush drum track that never detracts from the feel of the original – and that's the important thing.

So, grab it if you can, it's only out on vinyl at the moment but RnT edits do tend to get things out via Bandcamp and Beatport etc… later on (demand dependent i guess).

Think this week might a week or remixes and re-edits, yesterday the Beatles today the legendary Monsieur Fagen, enjoy: 

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