21 Mar

Lovebeads – This Is The Only Way (Ambient Junior Style)





Picked this little gem up back in ’97 and like most people I grabbed it for the Mount Rushmore remix as they were pretty big at the time and must haves if you were a DJ. There was an added bonus in my eyes in that on the flip side was two Farley and Heller remixes.

The original track was up tempo NJ style Garage, chopped vocals and perfect big room fodder, it's a great DJ tool, but the flip was a totally different affair. The F&H remix was much deeper, building on the breathy vocals and pumping along. Strangely enough though the best track actually turned out to be their second rework “Ambient Junior Style” a stripped down version of that F&H remix, in which they took the track right back to its base elements. Starting out with literally just a repeated synth awash in delay and the vocal looping over and over, the track escalates gradually until the kick drum comes in for the final few moments,(ok, well the second half then) before drifting back out and away.

Like a lot people I was really following the Junior Boys own offshoot Justrax, and Farley and Heller, both of which were chucking out some classic progressive and deep house. Lot’s of their tracks are considered classics but I seldom see this amazing remix mentioned.

On the flip side that’s a little understandable as it’s on Ministry of Sound offshoot, the Sounds of Ministry, and in this day and age it’s easy to dismiss the MOS as a big joke. A monstrous corporate identity that has raped an pillaged dance music for a huge profit, but that would be underestimating what a massive influence and driving force it has been on the house music scene over the last two decades.

Anyway, enjoy

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