27 Nov

Los Porcos – Porc Noise Complaint

Hell of a week, but god damn it I've got a great track today.


I've featured Los Porcos before, but have long wanted to feature Porc Noise Complaint as it's my favourite track by the, But this band are elusive to say the least, and though I've been trying to feature this track for ages, with it just not being visible on their Soundcloud, and their Bandcamp barely existing and it not being on Ocean Records bandcamp …. well it's kind of tough to feature a piece of music when no one but you can listen to it (son' be fooled the track shows two years but the EP only came out this month – in fact i have no idea how i even got hold of it, but it's been on my nexus for the last year or so).


But enough about what Los Porcos don't do, and more about what they uhm, do do! (*snigger* he said doodoo!)


What they do do, is make barnstorming modern Disco tinged Yacht Rock Funk. Now while lots of bands do the dicso: Crazy P, Faze Action the Idjut boys all spring to mind, there's something different going on here. Something natural, something, raw sitting somewhere between the real Disco sound and the dream wave of artists like Ariel Pink and Washed Out (which is even more apparent on tracks like "Fuckin A Jones".


The track stats out with an off time percussive riff, followed by a Nile Rogers plucked guitar (doubled up by the sound of it) which just grooves along until the drum and bass and counter point melody kick in with some might. And that's pretty much it, it's as simple as it comes, but it's just a huge huge groove. Yeah there is a nice breakdown but this track is all about foot tapping arse wiggling disco licks.


As I said it's raw, mic'd up amps mean there is a really natural room sound to the track, it could easily have been done in one take (if not for the layered guitar i assume).


Anyway, it's four minutes of unadulterated genius from the self proclaimed disco pigs. Enjoy!



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