22 May Los Porcos

Los Porcos – Jones’ New Groove

Been sat on this one for a couple of weeks now, but it came up on my playlist today and had to blog it:

Los Porcos – Jones' New Groove

But I guess one of the biggest issues with the whole Nu-Disco and current Disco house sound is that it lacks that human feel to it. So it's always nice to hear alternative takes on the disco and funk genre, especially when it's got that live natural swing about it and “Jones' New Groove” is a perfect example of that.

Its a slow burning mellow little number, that makes me think of drifting LA sunsets on Venice beach, or cruising on Melrose windows down and system blaring (happy days). Starting out with a lovely little funk guitar lick and a lovely fingered bass that just groove along, the drums come in and bring ten tons of swing but it's the bridge that really does it, the hand claps, the chord change it just elevates everything up a notch.

Anyway, I'd like to write more but i know absolutely nothign about Los Porcos or the label Ocean and can find very little of worth on line, but…. it's a great little tune so i suggest you just cut straight to listening to it, It's hard to be into modern dance music and not appreciate soul, disco and funk, and why would you want to?


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