22 Feb

Loot Pack – Whenimondamic

LootpackIt's fair to say it's been a tough week, as illustrated by our abscence from daily blogging, i’ll be honest it’s beena struggle to get the enthusiasim to post about music but today i jumped the train for my daily odyssey to the big city and decided i needed some hip hop in my life.

So imagine my delight when i hit play and the first track that came on is the utterly amazing Loot Pack – Whenimondamic.

If you like hip hop you'll belearning nothign new, so just jump to the video below, if you've not encountered Lootpack before then you may be familiar with it's indiviual components, legendary Beatsmith Madlib and alias Quasimoto, MC Wildchild and DJ Romes (other people passed through but it's far to say they are the central focus).

The track is just straight up hip hop, Madlibs beat is a brilliant example of how to blend samples, melding EPMD's Classic "So wat cha saying", KRS ones Return of the boom Bap and John Philipps – Promise not to tell. Track them down on youtube or somewhere because they are both huge samples in this track, and thats fine, because it's all about how Madlib flips them, how Wildchild just brings an incredible lazy flow with the bragadocious content, and Dj Romes mellow cuts to finish the track.

I wanted to stick the video up because it's crazy and funny, and i think fits the track perfectly, I also love the intro with Madlib and Quasi just bouncing off each other… great stuff, Whenimondamic kicks in around 1:06 and the switch up intempo and MC style is amazing.

A really great song that completely turned my week around.


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