12 Jun

Lone – Spirals






Last week I was ready to pop up a track from the latest Lone album, but then I got side tracked by the sudden dropping of a Shins track. But, I am back to finally follow through.

Now, Neo-Rave as Matt ‘Lone’Cuttler’s later output gets classed, isn’t a genre I know much about or own much of. Galaxy Garden is his 5th album (dating back to 2007) and to be honest this is the first of his stuff that I have really got into despite him being held in high regard as a producer. I have picked up a few neo-rave bits in the past but sometimes it can be a little too, well ravey I guess. But what is good about this album is that while it has components of rave it offers so much more. The melodies and production are superb and it never crosses over into flat out, for flat outs sake. I can even see similarities between this and the sort of house that Metro Area produced – there is a real love and craft to how these tracks have been built

I actually came across it while sifting through new stuff on Bleep a few weeks ago and like the Auntie Flo stuff, its quality stood out straight away. A lot of that will be down to the tremendous opener ‘New Colour’ – that chiming melody is just impossible to ignore and after that I was hooked. But the track I have gone for is the last one and It really took me by surprise the first time I listened to the album. After the high bpm, broken nature of some of the tracks towards the back end of the album and the instrumental status of the work in general, all of a sudden this superb vocal track appears – Spirals. It’s a beautiful track and just adds a final twist to the tale as the album comes to a close. Really great stuff, check it out and if you can, the rest of the album too.. For a great review of the album, see Pitchforks..

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Playlist Tuesday 12th June 2012

Once again I headed down to London and once again I worked nearly all the way there. A little way out I did manage to down tools and check out the Lone album again, but as we reached London and I headed to the tube, ear phones at the ready, I bumped into a colleague from work and that was that.

Playlist: Lone – Galaxy Garden (Album)


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