30 Jun

Lone Catalysts – Monumental

It's taken me about 5 hours to write this post. Not because i've got writers block but because Orange are a bit w*nk and my internet has been crawling at a pace that is unreal. Think i've lost this post about 6 times so far….. so, sod it, i'm just going to now keep it short and simple.

Todays choice is the huge:

Lone Catalysts – Monumental

As you'll know our taste in hip hop is very much on the independent and fun tip and i think this sits right in there.

The track is straight up party hip hop, Lone Catalysts are widely regarded as one of the best Hip Hop groups to come out of the J-Sands flowing and rolling call and response lyrics over J-Rawls grinding looped up beat, it's just catchy and monotonous and it'll have you doing arm curls all the way to the kitchen to get a cup of tea… well it did me. 

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