22 Aug

Lol Boys vs Grown Folk – Ghostpath

It's very rare for me to feature two tracks off the same EP, even rarer for them to follow each other but this is so good I had to feature it, the track is "Lol Boys vs Grown Folk – Ghostpath"

I'll make this quick so you can get to the track it's a balls out deep jacking house number from the same EP as the Dead Rose Music Company track we featured on Monday. Young Adults.

It's pretty simple in context, a swinging 4/4 beat with deep percussion and a reasonably staid and simple bassline, but then those pitched and filterd vocals start and the filtered FM Bells noise start plucking from out of no where and build into a seriously mesmerising melody that i reckon will worm it’s way into your brain.

If you're not familiar with the Lol Boys they are a LA/Montreal spawned duo that first came to light with their 2010 track 123 track for Palm Out Sounds. They've had a few releases since then and have been building a huge rep for themselves. Grown Folk on the other hand I honestly don't know that much about, other than it's an alias for Montreal Dj duo Drew Kim and Brendan Neal.

Anyway, short post today, sometimes they are the best, so lets cut to the music, enjoy.

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