27 Nov

Lisa Stansfield – The Line (Ian O’Brien’s Benfleet Mix)

Well, if ever there was proof you can polish a turd this track is it.

Lisa Stansfield – The Line (Ian O'Brien's Benfleet Mix)

Now forget about old peanut head herself, the original is utter garbage in my humble opinion and to be frank she has about as almost zero influence on this track it is all about O'Brien's stunning deep house remix. Yeah there are some warbles from her hear and there but they are mainly one shot “yeahs”, “ooohhhs” and “aaahhs” to add a bit of soul, but the track would be excellent even without the vocal elements thrown in.

If i'm really honest i don't know a hell of a lot about O'Brien and searching turns up just the usual stuff, influenced by Detroit Techno, Underground Resistance etc… I know he lives in Tokyo now and is still producing but trawling the internet and discogs and soundcloud turns up little.

Never mind though as the proof is in the pudding and this track is Michelin star. It starts out as it means to go on, a rolling rhythmic bass line and rum and the layers come on thick and fast – without going into too much details it's an 8 minute voyage through a dreamy soulful house track and just wait for the switch up, reverb and phased synths and a real change of energy. lush.

I'll leave it there, it came out way back in 1997, so enjoy.

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