10 Jun

Linkwood – Piece of Mind


If you checked the blog over the weekend you'll have noticed we were down for a bit of maintenance. Well obviously we're back up now, and with a little re-design to make everything just that little less creaky and that little more accessible for you. Hopefully you like the new look, but let us know on facebook what you think, and what you'd like to see on here.

So onto today's track? We'll ok, why not?

Linkwood – Piece of Mind

No messing about this is an absolute stonker of a track. Been around for a few years, 2009 I think it first came out, it's basically a massive re-edit of what i am positive is a Leo Sayer track, but for the life of me I can't quite think of the title of the track. From the opening siren like noise to the insane glitch cut up after the first break down it's a track that just sucks you in, it's incredibly simple, and yes repetitive but if you've ever heard it in a club you'd be dancing – i (almost) guarantee it. 

The track is mainly built around the one large vocal loop but stick with it as he introduces little flips on the loop and switches the boogie up, all the time awash in lashings of Tape Delay… in the realm of disco cut ups it's pretty much perfect.

I love this track and after a long hard weekend it was the perfect tonic for getting weary legs to the office door. I've got a few bits by Linkwood (otherwise known as Bristol born Edinburgh based Nick Moore). Not seen much from Linkwood since his System LP on prime Numbers but if you keep an eye out he occasionally DJ's out and about.

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