19 Sep

Lindstrom – Eg-Ged-Osis – Todd Terje extended edit

Hold on to your trousers with this beauty…we’re off

I’m back off a weeks holiday, to give Aapie some well deserved support as he is been holding the fort (with a little help from some tremendous guests) and putting up some beauties. So I can’t let the standard drop.

This will be short though – Lindstrom and Todd Terje are well known, so nothing really to be said there. Plus, Aapie has posted up a Todd Terje track before (although I don’t think we have had a Lindstrom track). But I think that this track is so good that I had to put it up. I actually got it a couple of months ago, but being on holiday gave me time to go through quite a bit of music and come across it again.

This EP has two tracks from the upcoming Lindstrom album, but they are extended edits from Terje. Both are belters but I opted for track two as, in my opinion, it is off the chart good. Messed up deep disco house at its finest. Its 7.26 long and there is absolutely no messing about. Its drums and truncated bass till about the 1.04 minute mark where the full bassline is rolled out and Terje proceeds to absolutely wring the neck of the track – messing and building the synth appregios and basslines till you are just shaking/nodding your head and are probably holding your hands above your head. Phenomenal stuff


Playlist Wednesday 19th September 2012 (kind of)

Now I am going to take a bit of a liberty here and actually write about yesterday, as I am still off work and so don’t have a journey to work. My commute yesterday was actually my journey back from holiday. I had a great week in my wife’s home town in Poland, with her and my boy. Would have been better if my poor wife hadn’t mashed her ankle the day before we went but, she was brave and we made the most of it. My wife is from a small holiday town not far from the Lithuanian border and travelling to and from is a not the easiest. It’s a pretty bumpy 3-4 hour drive to Vilnius (or sometimes Kaunas) and then a 3 hour flight home. It’s certainly a tough journey for my little boy, but well worth making as it is a great place to be. I have done the journey many times and I still love looking from the window of the car as we flow through miles and miles of beautiful forests and lakes and take in really interesting, small towns, in both countries. When my son drops off I slip on the head phones, look out the window and catch up on some tunes, some old and some new.

Playlist: Lindstrom Rà-àKõ-ST / Eg-Ged-Osis – Todd Terje extended edits, Family of the Year – St Croix EP, Blk Jks – After Robots, Craft Spells – Gallery and also Idle Labor.

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