15 Apr Lenient Tales

Lenient Tales – Our First Year

It's been a crazy few weeks, and despite our best attempts posts have been sporadic, that means things haven't always been posted when they should and, well you know the drill…. so i'm using today to catch up on an LP i should have featured two weeks ago when it first came out and that is, the Lenient Tales – Our First Year Compilation,

Lenient Tales have been releasing some amazing house based music for a while now, artists like Jonas Woehl, Egokind and Trashlagoon have been toeing the line between glitched out deep and tropical house for a few months now and this compilation captures that all very nicely with an 11 track retrospective, plus a wonderful wrap up mix by Jona Mayr that is worth the admission price itself.

Stand out track for me is the Parra for Curve remix of Trashlagoon’s – Session 87 (featured in full below), beautiful and emotive it's the right side of down tempo for me and flows wonderfully with it's chopped and weaved guitar and pads, but there is more up tempo and darker fare on offer with tracks like Egokind & Ozean's – Eyez.

All in all a great album and available on Beatport right now, it's a must grab really…

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