11 Aug

Len – Cryptik Souls Crew

Been pulling a lot of old stuff out for a gig and my playlists have been covering a lot of different styles of music as i re-acquainted myself with things. this morning was one of those days and about four tracks in on came today’s choice, a real blast from the past:

Len – Cryptik Souls Crew

Most people will know Len from Steal My Sunshine, which we've featured, but whilst that track was a pure pop summer hit the groups roots lay elsewhere, in the Toronto indie Hip Hop scene. The group has had  aton of members, Mr Dibbs form the 1200 Hobo's (who i'm positive did the cuts on this track) and Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene are two that immediately spring to mind, and they've done some pretty cool music away from the sugar sweet, but brilliant, pop of Steal my sunshine.

Cryptik Souls Crew is one of those a straight up party Hip Hop track, with MC's passing the mic over Tony Camillo's Dynomite – Part I, and it's superb, just quick fun lyrics and nice little cuts on the chorus just make you want to wiggle and bounce your head. It's the kind fo track everyone forgets about until they are drunk and someone randomly throws it on.

it's great enjoy,

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