13 Jun

Le Tigre – Deceptacon (DFA Remix)





Bit of a heavyweight post today with two seminal and majorly influential bands both rolled up into one bite sized chunk with DFA’s remix of Le Tigre –Deceptacon. In fact I probably could have called today’s post when legends collide, or something similar, but that would have looked  a little crap, so I didn’t bother.

Bad naming of posts aside, this really is a stonking track. Obviously neither unit needs much of an introduction, Le Tigre being one of the most well know female punk-pop bands of the last decade and DFA being the remix/production entity which James Murphy of LCD Sound System works under.  Obviously there are great similarities in their respective output as Le Tigre and LCD, but I’ve always liked the way the DFA remix work really attacked the dance-music post punk-funk disco side of stuff in a way that Murphys LCD project never did, and the remix of Deceptacon is probably one of their finest examples of taking something moderately dancey and turning it into a late night club smash.

The original track was on Le Tigre’s self titled first album released in 1999 and is pretty much what you’d expect from Le Tigre; rolling bass line, and distorted quick strummed guitars, scream-sung lyrics (to a degree) and walloping drums. I love it, but I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The remix, released in 2001, takes a completely different route without ever really losing the songs original feel, dropping a bass line and guitar lick that owes much in influence to the cheesy soul trash of Oliver Cheetam’s – Get down (it’s Saturday Night).

The thing is there is so much to this remix that it’s almost impossible to get across why it’s so good. Maybe that’s due to it being their first (or if not first one of their earliest) remixes. There is a real sense of fun in the track, right down to the fantastically cheesy spoken word shout outs to themselves, “DFA REMIX, FREEEEEESH, FREEEEEEEEEESH!”. Brilliant! It never loses sight of the fun of the original (go watch the video), but manages to take it to another level.

I would say it’s hard to call a remix the definitive version, especially when the original is as good as this, well known and as loved as in this case, but I think it might very well be (for me anyway).

Now then, “WHO TOOK THE BOMP?”

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