25 Nov

Le Knight Club – Holiday on Ice

As regular followers will know every now and then I have a little burst of ripping my vinyl and uploading them to youtube, this weekend i was laid low with a bad back so I took the opportunity to just rip some vinyl and get some new old tracks on line. Obviously as i've just ripped tons of stuff I load my Nexus up and have a listen, and today I did just that working through a bit of the stuff i'd ripped on my voyage into work. The track that jumped out at me  lot, and seems quite at considering the weather was:

Le Knight Club – Holiday on Ice

Now, you may or may not know that the guys from Daft Punk also did a lot of solo and side projects and this is one of those from Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo on his own label Crydamoure.

If you know Around the World by Daft punk you'll know where this is coming from, and wheras Bangalter’s solo material was a lot more brutal and loopy GMDHC's stuff, for me at least, carried a ton of melody, and Holiday on Ice really demonstrates that. The bass line is a simple walking affair, filtered and funky, but the real trump card in the track is the FM style synth stabs, heavily delayed and slightly filtered, lots of different counterpoints keep it moving and you smiling from the minute it starts. It's just a track that i never get bored of listening to.

And then we get to the breakdown at around 2:40m…. oh, my. It's just stunning.

Anyway, it came out back in 1997, and was one of the first wave of the whole French house scene, but still sounds as fresh as ever.


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