06 Mar

Latryx – Lady Don’t Tek No






As I mentioned in my post about Polica, music is a funny thing and listening to ‘Lady Don’t Tek No’ by Latryx got me thinking about another strange musical situation…the track you never used to like but now love. Over the years this has happened many times – time ago, standing in a record shop, listening to new releases – “No, I think I’ll leave that one”, only to then go out, here it and think, yep go that wrong. Sometimes, with limited releases, that could mean you have missed it forever. Classics that stand out in the memory banks: Daft Punk – Da Funk (I know, what on earth was I thinking), DJ Kool – Let me clear my throat (yes it sounds dated now but when it came out it was massive and I had to wait for a major release version) and Dj Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (I do believe that was a white label version – I didn’t like drum and bass then and I’m still not a big fan now, but that track is mad).

It’s the same with Latryx, but with this it took me even longer to come round. I remember the EP coming out in about 1997 and I just didn’t get it – I love hip hop but it just sounded wrong and a touch cheesy to me. Anyway, about 7 years on my mate John made me a comp cd and it was on there – he played me it originally and could never understand why I didn’t like it, so would often run it out when we dj’d together. However, on this occasion, the penny dropped…

Latryx were (maybe its 'are') Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born (who have both released other stuff as I am sure you know) and under this guise they released an EP (Lady Don’t Tek No) and an album called er, ‘The Album’ which also contained the track. A number of tracks on the album were produced by DJ Shadow including ‘Lady Don’t’… Apparently, they may have some new stuff on the way. I like the album, it is full of nicely produced tracks and quality rapping, but it is the opening track that really does it. It was way ahead of the game in terms of style, production and rapping. It is anchored to a groove and beat in the mould of the ‘The Message’ and also employs it relentlessness. The rhyme delivery is halfway between soulful chat and hip hop i.e. not your usual hip hop track, plus, it just builds and builds. And now, I am hooked and when it comes on it is going on repeat at least once. I just get in that groove and can’t help practicing a few old school popping moves to it…but only when no one is looking.


Playlist Tuesday 6th March 2012

Today was a short drive into work. It was a cold but beautiful day and I reached for an old cd from my stash in the car. Out came a comp that my friend did for me (mentioned above). His taste is eclectic like mine and so we are pretty aligned in terms of what we like – it threw up a few tracks I had forgotten about, the key one being the Latryx track. I skipped through, stopping at ones I wanted to reminisce over, She Loves You No Less – in my opinion one of the best My Bloody Valentine tracks ever, Float On by Modest Mouse, the classic indie of Peng 33 by Stereolab and Far Gone and Out by the Jesus and Mary Chain, the ska of Blank Expression by The Specials, Latryx and finished with the phenomenal alt folk of All The Trees Of The Fields Will clap Their Hand by Sufjan Stevens. A beautiful track to arrive at work to.

Playlist: As Above.

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