18 Jun

Larry Heard – Two Journeys

Ok, so there has been a  lot going on behind the scenes here, as you know Fourbears has been moving, and we've also been knee deep in planning out a new website and the likes… so later this week (Wednesday) we'll be going off line for a few days as everything is migrated to the new layout.

I'm going to sign off for the week with one of the mightiest recording artists to ever grace the planet, the wonderful Larry Heard. 

I've been revisiting  lot of electronica lately, and over the weekend i was working my way through an old folder of ambient based techno and house and found the "Alien" LP deep in the recesses of a hard drive seldom visited. Which is a shame as it's a really nice experimental LP, a concept album as you will, showcasing Heard's love of science fiction often hinted at in his music.

The track I always revisit is the pretty bare bones "Two Journeys", a long two minute intro of space noises (journey one) ends with the slow introduction of a mesmeric synth line (journey two), until the slow motion slide of the Honey Drippers drops int. It doesn't particularly deviate from hat (it is ambient after all) but it is a lovely track that just washes over you.

The LP first came out in 1996 (I think) on the legendary Black Market International but was recently re-issued by the Dutch Alleviated Records and you can still pick it up from their website.

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