05 May

Lane 8 feat. Patrick Baker – The One (Matt Lange Remix)

Bank Holiday in the UK, but in France it's actually on Thursday this week, so it was a regular commute for me and a chance to catch up on some music i purchased over the last few weeks. I've been mainly buying deep house and electronica of late, so my Nexus is choc full of driving bass and deep snappy drum beats, and in the glorious sun that Paris was basking in I saw no reason to swap that and left the shuffle option alone to do it's thing until it hit today’s choice then it just got re-E-Wound about 10 times:

Lane 8 feat. Patrick Baker – The One (Matt Lange Remix)

I'll keep today’s post brief and simply say it's a fantastic deep driving house number, sitting cheekily astride deep and progressive house it's got a big nasty bass line that i'm looking forward to hearing on a big nasty sound system this summer. a sultry little vocal hook, that spends the entire track looping around different parts of the phrase, that just drag you in, and as bass heavy as the track is the counter melody pushes the track on and creeps up on you without ever being obvious.

I'm a real sucker for tracks that switch up, but i'm also a fan of tracks that take you somewhere you don't think they'll go, and the downbeat at around 3.30 takes you into euphoric territory with the vocal and filtered build only to leave you hanging with a nasty angle right turn and a filthy bass line and snapping drum beat

I've got to be honest until i picked up this EP i'd not heard of either Lane 8 or Matt Lange both have a strong back catalogue worth checking out.

Lane 8 feat. Patrick Baker – The One (Matt Lange Remix) by Anjunadeep

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