26 Jun

Lambchop – Something’s Going On









I always like it when I get the opportunity to post up a track by a band I particularly like and today was one of those days. Plus, don’t let the word ‘Country’ put any of you off. You will see why

Lambchop, who hail from Nashville Tenesse, have been around for quite sometime and while they ended up getting grouped into the Americana/Alt Country genre, they have always been more than that. Yes they have had country running through what they do, but more often than not they have had other influences weighing on them almost as much. Their early stuff, such as ‘Your Sucking Funny Day’, was as much post rock/alternative indie and much of their later stuff is steeped in soul. It is from the latter style that todays track drops from.

From the album ‘What Another Man Spills’ soul started to take a more prominent role in what they did and it kind of reached a peak on the album ‘Nixon’ which contains one of their most well known tracks ‘Up With People’.  Two albums later came the double album ‘Aw Cmon  / No You Cmon’ and on it came the track I have posted up today. ‘Something’s Going On’ is truly beautiful track. The playing is tremendous: it has utterly, utterly beautiful strings, fantastic soul backing singing and Kurt Wagner’s superb vocals and lyrics (check out the lines “The glasses the clock the wall, The picture of Michael and Bubbles…..Something's going”. There was an outtake version that cranked the soul styled backing singing up even more giving it an almost Motown feel.

I really think they are a great band and this is one of those tracks that I stop and admire every time it comes on. Hope you like it.


Playlist Tuesday 26th June 2012

Today it just me and the little man heading into work. I have a new car and all my old cd’s back, so on went one of those. As usual it through up stuff that I have since learned to love more and some less, but all of it was interesting and I was chuffed when the Lambchop track came on. My son probably wasn’t though as I sung along.

Playlist: Elliot Smith – Memory Lane, The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly, Hayden – My Wife, Hopeful Monster – Stars Are Photomagnets, Lambchop – Something’s Going On, Jeff Parker – Sea Change, Preston School Of Industry – Caught In The Rain, Radio Dept – Your Father

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